13 November 2019/ rent_industrial_guide

5 warehouses for rent in Watford

Watford is located in Hertfordshire, roughly 15 miles northwest of central London and is known for its strong industrial history. Since the construction of the Grand Union Canal in the late 18th century, which runs through the area, and the London to Birmingham railway in the mid-19th century, the borough has been a key location for a range of industries including breweries, printing and engineering works. Now, it’s an excellent place to base an industrial business, as it’s close to London but enjoys lower rents and better access to the rest of the country on its less-congested roads.

We’ve picked out five of the best warehouses currently on the market in Watford. Read on the find out more about the exciting properties.  

Thomas Sawyer Way

This unit sits in an excellent location, just three miles from the M1, making it ideal for businesses in the world of logistics or which need to regularly travel up and down the UK. Its steel and blue panelled façade gives it a sleek, modern look while inside, the spacious warehouse is equipped with skylights and strip lighting to ensure the space feels bright and airy. Up to four spaces (including adjacent office premises) are available, so you can choose to occupy as much or as little of the building as you need.

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Whippendell Road

If you’re looking for a warehouse close to Watford’s residential areas, this property could fit the bill. It’s located just up the A145 from Watford General Hospital and is easy to reach from across the area by road or public transport. The unit benefits from ample on-site parking and is surrounded by other industrial premises, so you’ll feel right at home. You’ll also have access to a secure yard, ideal for any business that needs additional outside workspace.

Otterspool Way

Located on the arterial A41 next to junction five of the M1, this warehouse is ideally located for any business looking to travel in and out of London regularly. It’s equipped with an excellent security system, so you can rest assured your goods will stay safe once you’re done for the day and is suitable for use by any business in the ‘general industrial’ category. The warehouse is currently at partial buildout status, so can be adapted to suit your business’ unique needs.

3 Regal Way

This well-lit warehouse has both industrial and office space, so can be used as a multi-functional base for all your operations. You’ll have access to a secure fenced lot, where you can tackle any outdoor work, as well as ample storage space for your goods and materials. There’s also on-site parking meaning you won’t have to tackle a public transport commute every day, as well as a robust security system to keep your premises safe.

12 Colonial Way

Benefitting from ample parking to the front and rear of the building, businesses with a large team or those who welcome visitors regularly should look at this warehouse. You’ll have access to a large 30 metre yard, ideal for outside works and can rest assured that your equipment is safe from intruders, due to the building’s security system. The unit is also just five minutes’ drive from junction five of the M1, so travelling to and from it will be a breeze.