25 April 2019/ For CRE Professionals

5 ways to make your commercial properties stand out

With so many commercial properties for sale and to let across the UK, how do you cut through the noise and get yours noticed? It’s easy to see why great properties get left behind, simply because another one looks better online.

Conveying the benefits of the properties your marketing is obvious, but the trick is to make these really stand out. Here’s how in five steps.




Beautiful pictures of stunning spaces are a must. They really create the wow-factor and catch attention, drawing businesses in to find out more about the property. Getting good-quality professional photography is essential, especially on high-end properties where people will be put off if the photos look poor.

It’s also important for lower-end buildings. Even low grade industrial units can look much more inviting when taken in a way that brings out the light and demonstrates all the space on offer. At the very least, they should be straight and taken on a day when there is sun or only light cloud.




Every property has a current market value, and keeping the figure hidden can really put off prospective buyers and renters. It can also lead to an influx of irrelevant queries, as businesses with all sorts of budgets will get in touch whether they can afford the property or not. Making it clear how much a property costs will mean only those genuinely interested will contact you, streamlining the process and giving you a real data on how the property is faring in the market.

POA properties receive proportionally less enquiries on our portal - and by their nature, they are less likely to be relevant.




Often the appeal with a commercial property is the size and how businesses can use the space to their advantage. Floor plans, 3D walk-throughs and drone footage really work here. Remember, businesses looking for high-end properties are likely to be making a long-term investment they can grow into, so seeing how the space works can be particularly motivating.

You might want to save the drone or 3D walk through for the properties you have a larger budget for but do try to make floor plans if possible. When people are interested in a property, they look for these helpful blueprints.

Bullet points


Busy business people often have little time to read through lengthy descriptions, which is why bullet points can help catch their attention in the first instance.

Try to keep these consistent across all your properties, always including details on the price, size, location, accessibility and rooms. You might also like to include points on the parking, furniture and whether it is serviced. Plus, make sure to avoid jargon.




You can then use your property description to talk directly to the people already interested in the property – even after reading the bullet points. These short paragraphs are your chance to bring some personality to your listing, so do take the opportunity to explain its benefits.

Ideally, you should aim to describe details that you can’t see in the pictures, such as how to use the space, any security or services, important leasing or buying information and details on the area. Keep these simple and to the point, but do be engaging by talking directly to the reader.

One of the main benefits of putting all of these steps in place is that you’ll have a well-rounded listing that is geared to attract those genuinely interested in your property. It’s an impressive showcase of what you do for your clients’ properties, and this consistent level of service will help you win more business in the future.