23 April 2019/ rent_office_guide

Can you rent an office by the hour?

Imagine a company with two small offices, three people working in each, one in New York and one in London. Most of the time they can work remote from each other as though they were in the same room, but what happens when they really need to meet face-to-face, as a company? They could cram into one of their respective offices. Or the boss’s living room. Maybe they could all spend day in the nearest Starbucks.

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Space as a service is a thing

None of these solutions is ideal – they do have serious business to do. Thanks to co-working the perfect solution is now an easy option: a private office, with all amenities, coffee and food, toilets, wi-fi, electricity, even breakaway meeting rooms, all ready to go, for them to use as long as they like.

And it’s not just international companies that find hiring an office for a day. All professionals, especially those in the creative sectors, are asking themselves important questions about their working lives. Why travel for hours each week across a big city like London or New York to be in an office, when you can work just as efficiently, maybe more so, from home? Why commit to an expensive office property for 20 people, when you can work remotely and save a major outlay?

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As tech has become more sophisticated, these questions have become more relevant. In turn, the changes they have brought about have had an increasingly disruptive effect on the office market, to the point where smaller companies often shun the traditional model altogether. Yet ask most companies, or even freelance professionals, whether they need an office space from time to time – at least as a place to meet clients – and they’ll say they do.

Booking daily access to a co-working space  

Cue one of the most popular options within the serviced office sector: the day rental. Arguably the best of both worlds, a solution whereby companies can pick and choose when, where, and for how long they use an office, free of the commitment and financial burden of a traditional office contract, but still have their own space for a day or two.

All the major serviced operators in London offer deals like this. They vary of course, so shop around. Some companies require tenants to already be members; others say you don’t have to be a member but those who are get special rates. But some others don’t even ask for this small commitment.

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Virtually any deal is open to tenants now, especially in bigger cities where competition for customers is so intense. Besides the usual benefits of renting serviced office or co-working office space – the cost savings, the fact that all services and facilities are already provided, the flexibility – a day rental means that you’re not in a big open shared space with other companies, and have all the privacy you need. Many serviced office providers will lease you equipment for the full day if, say, you’re holding a seminar for colleagues or a training session.

And having a physical space in which to be based for the day if you’re recruiting for new staff, planning on having a long meeting with a potential new client, always carries a kudos factor to it – first impression still count, even in the co-working era.

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