27 September 2016/ FAQ

Realla for developers

Realla has a comprehensive API to allow you to interact with the Realla services.

Realla customers upload and manage their commercial instructions though the Realla self service tools, these are all stored and made available through our simple REST API.  On top of this a full integration can be built into your own branded website.

In addition, portal customers can use our feed to push listings to our service.

Get started

  1. Email us at support@realla.co, and state the organisation you are working with, and we will issue you with the necessary keys to access the APIs
  2. We will provide you with documentation to get started with your integration
  3. Contact us during your implementation for any support
  4. If you would like us to recommend an integration partner please also contact us

Website integrations

There are three options for integrating Realla into your own website:
  1. Embedding or linking out to the standalone search page for your organisation.  This can be viewed by going to My instructions > Browse all instructions  You can then link to this page or embed it in your own site
  2. Make an API request on a scheduled basis to retrieve all the property data for a specific organisation.  See the section in our guide for "Listing your organisation's listings".  You can then stream the response into your own database / search store for servicing up on your own site.  For wordpress users this involves streaming the JSON response into a plugin for example
  3. Fully integrate with the search API, so the request for a search is serviced directly by our API.  See the documentation for a guide to searching and filtering.  This option gives you the most flexibility and is our preferred integration path.