26 May 2021/ rent_serviced_office_guide

Is a serviced office right for your business?

Flexible working is a megatrend affecting the future of work across many industries. In the UK, over 70% of employees say that the opportunity to work flexibly is a real plus point when it comes to choosing a job. For many, flexible working involves breaking the 9 to 5 routine to fit work hours around home life, while for others, it’s the opportunity to spend some time working from home or another location that suits them better.

Serviced offices play an important role in enabling flexible hours and remote working, which helps to make employers more attractive to top talent. But that’s not the only reason to opt for this fuss-free workspace. Here’s a rundown of the main reasons why businesses choose to set up shop in a serviced office space.

They enable flexibility

Lots of employees are looking for more flexibility from work and serviced offices help to enable this flexibility. Firstly, most serviced offices give users 24/7 access, meaning those working different hours can come to the office whenever it suits them. Secondly, you can often scale up, and down the space you rent. This flexibility means you won’t need to pay for space for all members of staff all the time – just when you have the full team together.

You can pay-as-you-go

Rather than being tied into a long-term contract – the average is 6.3 years for commercial property leases – you can usually pay-as-you-go. For young businesses, this can be a real relief, as signing a contract for a number of years feels over-ambitious. More established businesses can also benefit. With a pay-as-you-go contract, you relocate if the space is no longer meeting your requirements.

You could reduce your overheads

Some businesses save money by opting for a serviced office. Firstly, you can avoid paying for wasted space by only paying for the meeting rooms and desks you need. Given that utilised office space is said to peak at just 42%, most businesses are currently spending money on space they don’t use.

That’s not all. Serviced offices often come with high-quality furniture, equipment, facilities and connectivity solutions, so you don’t need to factor these costs into your outgoings. They may even be a higher spec than you would have purchased otherwise. Tea and coffee for staff, cleaning professionals and reception staff are also usually included, which can work out cheaper than paying for these separately. Of course, it’s always important to do your sums carefully to decide whether a serviced office is cost-effective for your business.

More time to spend on value-adding work

Moving into a new office space is a full-time job in itself. But this isn’t the case when you choose a serviced office. You can simply plug in and get going, which means you’ll avoid downtime. And this benefit continues long into your contract.

When you have a long to-do list, sorting out utility bills, cleaning staff, connectivity issues, and other property-related issues can become a real headache. With serviced offices, these tasks are taken care of for you. That means you can focus on the work that adds value to your business, such as finding new clients, hiring great new talent, honing your brand and extending the services you offer.

Excellent space

While it is always wise to shop around for office space that meets all your needs, you may be blown away when you look around serviced offices. Designed to continue attracting businesses, a lot of effort goes in to ensuring they are comfortable, smart and motivating places to work. They usually come with designated quiet zones, sociable areas and high-tech meeting rooms, and many also have cafes and bars on site.

These plus points aren’t just about creating a space that you like the look of – they can make a real difference to your business output. Research suggests that 57% of employees globally believe their workspaces allow them to be productive. That leaves nearly half of employees who think they could be more productive in a better space. By choosing a serviced office that has the kind of environment your staff need, you could increase your productivity.

More emphasis on collaboration

Serviced offices are often designed to promote collaboration. Rather than traditional cubicle layouts or fixed desks, serviced offices enable a more fluid approach to desk work. Employees may be able to choose where they work and hot desk to sit with different colleagues on different days, fostering a collaborative culture. There is also usually creative space so that colleagues can work together on certain projects.

A greater chance to network

When you opt for a serviced office, you’ll never be alone. You’ll share the space with other businesses, which may seem like a compromise, but there are benefits to the scheme – the main one being the chance to network.

A shared arrangement makes it much easier to set up conversations with other businesses organically, which can lead to mutually beneficial arrangements. For example, you might refer work to each other or collaborate on some projects. Some serviced offices even host events where businesses can come together to share ideas, helping to broaden your network even further.

Fantastic locations

One of the biggest difficulties of choosing office space is finding the right location for your business. Often, the place you really want is simply too expensive – because lots of other businesses also want to be in that location.

Serviced offices are often in enviable locations, such as city centres with great transport links and amenities. However, they may not carry the same price tag because you could just rent the desks you need for each day rather than leasing the entire office.

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