24 April 2019/ For CRE Professionals

Never miss an opportunity: the importance of lead management

Always a fiercely competitive market, the pace of technological progress has only acted to intensify the need for agents to make effective use of the leads they generate.

With a wide range of channels that leads can come from, it can be easy for businesses to find themselves with a disjointed approach to lead management. Increasingly companies are looking to create a centralised approach to processing their leads to make sure no opportunity is squandered.

So, how can you create a more coherent approach to dealing with leads?


Where are your leads coming from?


There are a huge number of places you get leads from. The challenge for businesses is working out which ones to focus on. This depends on the kind of leads you are looking for.

Some common online lead generation channels:

  • Real estate portals such as Realla
  • Attracting people through your website and its content
  • Social media
  • Targeted email campaigns

All of these channels require a different strategy and are good for reaching certain groups of people. It is always preferable to target a few of them really effectively rather than doing the bare minimum for every channel. You want to create high quality leads, not a high quantity of substandard ones.

The key to getting more efficient is creating a system that funnels leads from all these channels to a dedicated team that then qualifies them. This makes the whole process of turning leads into positive results faster and more productive.


How are you qualifying your leads?


There a lots of client relationship management (CRM) available on the market for estate agents and landlords. While it may seem that they all have a dizzying array of distinct features between different offerings, they all have the same idea at their core: providing a central place for your online marketing efforts.

A good CRM can also automate some of your inbound lead processes and helps you create datasets for leads.

In the real estate sector, companies like WeWork have benefitted hugely from creating a centralised team that qualifies the leads coming in from various channels before passing on the ones with potential to the sales team. Outside of real estate, big CRM systems like Hubspot and Salesforce have used this strategy to achieve huge growth.

Another benefit of having a dedicated team evaluating your leads is that it makes it potentially easier to nurture leads over time. Your CRM can help you segment your leads and direct follow-up communications and marketing like newsletters and case studies at the right people.

Your CRM is a valuable tool in not only helping you generate a higher number of leads for your businesses, but also qualifying them faster and directing them to the people that can turn them into great opportunities for growth.

Centralising your approach to leads can help you lay the foundations for future growth by ensuring that you never let a good opportunity slip by.