19 August 2019/ rent_office_guide

Office move checklist: Things to consider when moving office

Let’s be honest, however exciting an office move is for your business, it can also be incredibly overwhelming and stressful.

That’s why we’ve put together this simple ten-step guide on things to consider when moving office - so that you can kick back and relax while the difficult planning work is done for you.

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1. Find your moving team

The first thing to think about is who will actually be helping you with the move. There are a number of elements to consider here - you’ll need an agent to secure your new office, an in-house move team, a fit-out and design team, and a property lawyer to deal with the legal side of things.

2. Location, location, location

Once you have your specialist property agent to help with the search, you’ll need to develop your brief. An essential part of this is where you want your new office to be based. Whether it’s close to your current building or an entirely new location, this will help narrow down your search a lot.


3. Speak to employees about their preferences

It’s best to speak to your employees so you can organise a move that everyone is happy with. Think above office design elements that have been popular or things that have been missing. Did you have plenty of breakout space? Were your employees looking for more collaborative areas or quiet working zones? If you ask them, you will find out and ultimately find an office that is productive for everyone.

4. Create a list of requirements

Once you’ve got an idea of how everyone is feeling, you can develop your brief to include your requirements. From the amount of space you need, to any additional perks you’d like, try and think of everything you need the office to provide. If you’re unsure about space, it can be useful to use an office space calculator

5. Understand what is provided and what you will need to purchase

When comparing office buildings, it’s important to think about the extras that will be required. If you’re searching mainly for serviced offices, you won’t need to worry so much about what’s included. However, with more traditional leases, you’ll need to work out what furniture and equipment you need to buy to get things started. This will help you to instruct the design and fit-out teams.

6. Confirm price of chosen office

The next thing to consider is confirming the final price of your office. Your agent will be able to negotiate this on your behalf and agree the terms of your lease so that you are happy with the final contract. Once you are, your specialist property lawyer will make things official.

7. Learn the important dates

Once your office move is official, it’s really important that you and everyone in your company is aware of the important dates. Broadcast the date of the big move, and make a note of any important switches (e.g internet providers or the start date of your new utilities).


8. Give your employees a tour

Now for the fun part. It’s good to get everyone excited about the move, and for them to see where they’ll be spending their working hours. Organise a tour for your employees so they can get a feel for the place and feel part of the journey.

9. Allocate packing duties

The less fun part is the packing, but it needs to be done. Your move team will be on hand to help but you’ll still need to allocate packing and cleaning duties to staff! It’s likely that they have accumulated a lot of belongings in the office over time, so you need to make sure that everything is cleared out and with the right person.

10. Inform important contacts of your address change

A final thing to consider, that might get forgotten in the excitement, is to change your address. Make a list of all clients and important contacts with your address, as well as anyone who might need to invoice you. You should also locate the places your previous address was listed online and change these.

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