13 January 2017/ FAQ

Q&A - Realla portal

Realla is a new breed of commercial property search engine designed with the following principles:

  1. Participation is free for commercial agents, with upgrade options including a full suite of marketing tools.

  2. We send traffic back to your own websites and also pass enquiries to agents.

  3. The technology does not require feeds, but rather crawls the internet for quality commercial listings and links back to it (much like Google does).
    For a more technical guide to the portal please have a look over here.

Q. Whats the value of Realla to my agency?

Realla can provide an additional means of gaining exposure to your properties, and provide enquiries and traffic on to your brand for conversion. To get the most from Realla make sure you have a tool like Google Analytics setup so you can see the volume of inbound traffic and how it converts to enquiries.

Realla generates over 2,500 valuable enquiries per month - and growing.

Q. How much of the market is covered by Realla?

Realla has over 1,000 sources that are analysed daily for the latest commercial properties. All the sources are reputable and carefully selected. We try to include all agent sites that have commercial stock. This equates to circa 90k live properties on the market, both sales and lettings.

The business has had previous experience building a successful online search portal for residential in 2008 - 2012 called Globrix.com which was very popular with agents across the country, and had 2m users a month.

Q. What do I need to do to ensure my stock is current & well represented on Realla?

There are several options for listing on Realla:

  1. Provide a feed to us (much in the same way you would to Rightmove or Zoopla).
  2. Use our publishing and marketing tools.
  3. Maintain a clean and well structured website with all your current availability well maintained.

Q. What does crawling actually mean?

Across the internet there are many web crawlers that visit sites to analyse the content. The most well known of course being Google which visits millions of sites on a daily basis.

The Realla crawler is a process that visits your site on a daily basis and behaves like a single user clicking through the content. The crawler looks for property related information.

The crawler keeps track of what is new, updated and deleted.
We then use a process called machine learning to "understand" the content and look for things like addresses, prices and availability.

Q. Why are my properties missing from Realla?

It’s likely that we have tried to analyse your site and have not been able to crawl the properties. Please see our technical guide and get in touch with us.

Q. Why are some of the details wrong on my listings?

The analysis technique we use is extremely accurate however there are sometimes issues with specific bits of content. We can easily resolve these, please click here for more information.

Q. How can you help support Realla?

As it's a free service to drive traffic the best way to help is to promote Realla in your local area through linking to us. Find details here.

Q. How much does Realla cost?

If is free to have your listings crawled and represented on Realla.
If you wish to use our marketing and deal management tools (Realbase), this is a paid service.

Over time we plan to introduce paid value-add services on the portal, for example promoted listings and enhanced branding.

Q. Can I remove my listings from the Realla Portal?

If you do not wish to be listed, please get in touch with us. If de-listed, you will of course no longer receive free enquires from the site or traffic back to your own site.

However, we may charge to reinstate the listings at a later date, because the crawls take a lot of time and effort to set up correctly.