15 June 2016/ FAQ

Realla search engine overview & FAQ

How the Realla search engine works

Realla is a new breed in commercial property search, allowing any agency to list their properties for free on a dedicated modern search tool.

The technology works in a similar way to Google, where we visit your website on a daily basis and analyse it for new listings that have come to the market. These are then made searchable on Realla.co, allowing agents, tenants and landlords to search and discover listings of interest.

Realla provides traffic back to where the listing was originally found on your website: we are creating free leads to your business!

Joining Realla

If you discover that your commercial listings are not already on Realla, simply sign up and chat to our support team who will investigate how you can be added to the search.

Key information that should be on every listing

So your listings look clean and well presented, every listing on your website should have the following fields:

  1. At least 1 primary high quality image (Please avoid holding images such as "Awaiting photo").
  2. Price clearly laid out and displayed with the unit e.g. "Rent £48 PSF".
  3. Price units that are supported: PSF, PA, PSM & PCM.
  4. Size and unit: "Total size 4,300 SQFT".
  5. Building type: Office, retail, industrial.
  6. Full address including building, street, city and postcode.
  7. A clear description body.
  8. Current status: Available, Under offer, Sold / Let (Please avoid indicating the status of your building on photos - see note below).
  9. Names of the agents including email and phone numbers.
The image below is a great example of a real listing that meets all of the above requirements. It displays clearly all the key information types.
  • NOTE: Realla clearly displays the status of your building on all marketing materials (microsite, PDF brochure, e-mail). You therefore, do not need to watermark the status of your building on the photos used in your instruction (see example below of what not to do).

Optimising your listings for Realla on your own website

To get the most from Realla we recommend the following steps to effectively share your listings with Realla:

  • Create simple well structure HTML pages for your instructions.
  • Create a sitemap.xml with links to all your search pages and individual property pages.
  • Avoid complex javascript and POST requests to link to search results.
  • Provide clear and full addresses. For example "Unit 4, the building name, the street, the city, the postcode" as opposed to "Unit 4, London". Good addresses will allow searches on Realla to find your instructions.
  • Clearly state whether the property is sold / let or under offer or remove listings that are no longer on the market.
  • If you have a gallery on your website, make sure that the primary image for an instruction is also embedded with a simple HTML link that does not require javascript. This allows our crawler to link your instruction to the best image.
  • Provide a HTML sitemap that links to each individual instruction or searches that return all the results on your website.
  • Publish HD quality images for your listings.
What's the best method to list on Realla

There are three ways which you can share data with Realla reliably:

  • Publishing directly through the Realla instruction management tool set. Sign up today to get your free account and start listing directly to the search engine.
  • Publishing all your instructions to your own website in a clear and structured format (see the other sections for more information on this).
  • Setting up a structured data feed which is sent to Realla on a real-time or scheduled basis (JSON or XML, please contact us for more information)
Claim your listings

Realla offers a way to log in and view all your listings. This allows the following features:

  • View basic reports on the crawling process, such as the number of listings.
  • Upgrade to add some branding to each of your listings on Realla.
  • Remove specific listings from the index.
  • Update the status of your listings to show what is available, under offer, let / sold.
If you have any questions or would like to know more about the Realla search engine, drop us a message via our new interactive chat! Click the chat icon in the bottom right hand corner to talk to a member of our customer support team.