19 August 2019/ rent_serviced_office_guide

The benefits of a serviced office vs. a traditional lease

Looking for a new office space is never easy. Deciding whether you need a bigger space, a furnished space, a serviced office or a traditional lease is always going to be a challenge. Luckily for you, we’ve listed the benefits of serviced offices and traditional leases to help you make up your mind.

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Serviced offices often appear under a range of names, including flexible office spaces, coworking and shared workspaces, but one thing is for certain - they are becoming increasingly popular. They can offer a business flexibility, shorter or rolling contracts and the opportunity to expand as the business grows.

However, serviced offices might not be right for everyone. Not all businesses need the flexibility that coworking spaces offer and many will prefer to lease their own space, giving them the opportunity to build a company culture.

We’ve taken a look at the benefits of both options, as well as some key things to consider when making your decision.


Benefits of a serviced office

Flexible contracts

Many serviced offices will offer flexible or rolling contracts, which means you don’t have to sign up to years in the same building. This is perfect for startups who aren’t yet sure where they want to plant their roots.

Single-cost solutions

With a serviced office, you will typically pay for everything in one go straight to the provider. This limits the admin involved with organising payments and invoices.

Ideal for expansion

Growth is the aim of every company, and flexible office spaces are perfect for those who are just starting out. You can expand, take on new people and the admin burden is kept to a minimum.

Opportunities for networking

Flexible office spaces are a great way to meet new people who are part of your community. Some offices even put on specific networking events, or you can always just strike up a conversation with someone on your floor.

Hassle-free workspace

With a lot of flexible offices, the building is completely managed for you. From the receptionists and the meeting rooms, to the free food and drink that are on offer - everything is sorted. 


Who should consider a serviced office?

  • Small and medium-sized companies in periods of high growth
  • A startup that wants to ensure flexibility
  • Companies who don’t want the hassle of managing their own space 
  • Those needing overflow, project or swing space

Benefits of a traditional lease

Create your own company identity

In a traditional leased office, businesses have the space to evolve and establish their company culture and brand presence in a private and personalised way. As the office belongs to you, you can put your brand stamp on everything.

Bespoke office design

While serviced offices do offer convenience, you are working with the facilities that the building has. With a commercial lease, you are able to make more significant and creative changes to the design of your office which may better reflect the needs of your company.

Lower long-term costs

While the initial costs of a serviced office might be cheaper, if you are looking for long-term cost effectiveness, a traditional lease will usually work out to be better value for money.

Control over your own space

In a serviced office, you might have to book shared meeting rooms a while in advance. Or, there might be regular maintenance work on the building, which is scheduled by the provider of the space rather than you. With a traditional lease, you have more control over what is happening in your office and when.

Who should consider a traditional lease?

  • More established businesses who can commit to a longer lease
  • Businesses who are financially able to pay a large deposit upfront
  • Companies who want a more personalised space to develop their culture
  • Those needing specific bespoke design features

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