10 December 2019/ rent_serviced_office_guide

The Benefits of Choosing a Managed Office Space

In the UK and beyond, there has been a shift in how and where we work. Coworking and other flexible workspace solutions are on the rise, with many freelancers and businesses using such spaces for a competitive advantage.

Therefore, there are now many centres that offer co-working, serviced and hybrid offices in London, New York, Tokyo and across the world.  

What is a managed office space?

It’s a purpose-built office space that allows businesses to have more control of the environment they work in, as they can be customised to suit the specific needs of the occupant. 

Managed offices are often seen as a middle ground between traditional leaseholds and serviced offices, as they have the security and control of the former and the flexibility and cost certainty of the latter.

What’s the difference between managed offices and serviced offices?

Managed offices differ from serviced offices in a number of ways. One of the fundamental differences is that managed offices are empty office spaces with very basic amenities that can be designed to specification, whereas serviced offices are pre-designed with the facilities and amenities already fully kitted out.

We’ve got another blog post that explores the differences in greater depth, you can view it here.

The 7 benefits of choosing a managed office space

  • Individually designed and branded
  • Customised and simple
  • Low risk and good value
  • Greater flexibility
  • Speed to market
  • More privacy
  • Accounting made easy

Let’s look at these in more detail so you can decide if a managed office is the right choice for your business.

Individually designed and branded

Managed offices are a blank canvas that your business can fill in however it chooses. This means you can create a space that suits your business and reflects your brand. You’re in control of the space. So everything from lighting to the colour schemes can be selected by you. You could even bring the outside into your office. Have a look at some biophilic designs here.

Customised and simple

For many business owners, you may not have the time, resources or budget to find and manage your own individually designed and branded office space. This is where managed workspaces are the perfect solution.

As well as being individually tailored workspaces, managed offices are procured and managed by a single supplier during the entire process. This includes:

  1. Defining what your business wants to achieve and the necessary office space requirements
  2. Organising viewings
  3. Negotiating the lease of your preferred building
  4. Fitting out the space based on your individual needs
  5. Delivering your bespoke office space and providing invaluable advice and resources
  6. The procurement of furniture, amenities, and IT
  7. Complete management of the space
  8. Dealing with the exiting process

Low risk and good value

All aspects of the office space’s management are included as part of a fixed monthly fee. This means there will be no extra costs when you move in or out. Managed office spaces help you to always know where you are financially.

Greater flexibility

The expert managed workspace provider will negotiate the lease in accordance with your individual requirements. This could be a long-term lease for ten years or a short-term project for just a year, the lease can be negotiated according to how much flexibility you need.

Most leases are between one and three years, and sometimes even shorter. This makes managed office spaces an attractive choice for start-up businesses that don’t have the financial security to commit to a longer lease. We have a handy blog post outlining five tips for start-ups seeking office space, check out it before you start your search.

If your business grows or decreases in size, managed office spaces make it easier to act quickly and move to the appropriate premises.

Speed to market

Managed offices can usually get up and running faster than a conventional office space.

More privacy

As you won’t be sharing any areas of the building with other businesses, you don’t have to worry about being interrupted by someone else. This increased privacy is particularly beneficial when you need to discuss corporate activity.

Accounting made easy

We’ve established that managed office spaces are tailored to the needs of the business moving in, but what this also means is that less capital is required upfront. Everything is combined into a single payment, which is usually paid monthly or quarterly.

When it comes to accounting there will be no surprise invoices or costs, therefore your business can plan its budget with more certainty.

What’s included in a managed office?

This can vary slightly between managed office spaces, but the following should be included in your fixed fee:

  1. Security
  2. Parking
  3. Rent and utility bills (not telecoms)
  4. Landscapes grounds
  5. Cleaning of communal areas
  6. Waste and recycling facilities

Is a managed office space right for my business?

If you want cost transparency and more business agility, then yes. The tailor-made solutions that managed offices offer can help businesses from a range of sectors mitigate costs and widen their reach. However, if you need a space where you can start work straight away, a serviced office is more suitable as all of the office infrastructure is already in place.

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